Weep hole covers installed in wall

What are weep hole covers?

Weep hole covers are devices used in the spaces of your brickwork to prevent pests while maintaining ventilation and drainage of your building’s structure.

Choosing the right product requires some consideration. Brick weep vents are used during construction while retrofit screen inserts can be used in existing buildings.

Let’s explore some of the Weepa weep hole covers that we stock and their different features.

Hand laying bricks on mortar for a wall

Protection for new buildings

Brick weep hole covers are an important consideration when planning any new brick building. While building your ventilation holes to standards of the building code is important, taking the time to consider how they will remain functional and secure may save you considerable expense in the future. Structural damage from rot and pest infestations can be costly!

During construction, formers can be used by bricklayers and builders to produce attractive, functional weepholes. These formers are designed to help the renderers and bricklayers create a perfect finish and they feature a hinged grate that protects the building from pests. Using formers means the building is protected right from the beginning and the final look is both uniform and precise.

70mm shorter Weepa weep vent for weep holes

Standard Weepas

The Standard Weepa is a great example of this and a popular choice for new masonry walls. It maintains excellent cavity ventilation and drainage which can reduce the risk of degradation from fungal decay and mildew. These plastic weep hole covers feature a PVC grate that protects against a wide range of pests such as mice, cockroaches, wasps and spiders. This product is also available in a shortened 70mm size which is ideal for lightweight cladding and kiwi brick.

Weepa Stainless Steel weep vent for weep holes

Stainless steel Weepas

For those seeking a more luxurious look, the all metal Stainless Steel Weepa may be more desirable. Crafted from marine grade 316 stainless steel, these premium metal weep hole covers look incredible and are perfect for prestige projects. They support excellent air flow and cavity ventilation whilst also acting as a strong barrier against pests and vermin. Their all-metal design also provides protection against embers from bushfires. The shorter 50mm size is perfect for roman or split bricks.

An existing weephole exposed at ground level needing cover

Protection for existing buildings

Brick homes built without formers that feature protective grates or retrofit weep hole covers, are more exposed to the threat of pests and vermin. Without physical barriers in these gaps, pests have numerous clear entryways into your home where they can cause damage and irritation. Eradicating them can be difficult when these entry points are not addressed and secured in an appropriate way.

Some home occupiers will resort to desperate measures in order to secure their weepholes in light of their pest problem. Some will use bundles of mesh or steel wool in an attempt restrict access only to discover that these soon degrade, rust or provide little protection. Others may choose to completely block these gaps which then disrupts ventilation and drainage potentially causing serious structural problems.

Weepa Protector Screen weep hole cover

Weepa protector

Thankfully, you can protect your existing brick home by using a retrofit product. The Weepa Protector Weep Hole Screen is a stylish guard that is inserted into existing brick walls using the included applicator tool. These stainless steel weep hole covers are made from marine grade 316 stainless steel so they look fantastic and won’t suffer from salt corrosion. Their patented design allows for easy installation into weepholes between 7mm and 17mm wide with a secure fit that protects against mice, bees, cockroaches, wasps and even snakes.

Weepa Termite Protector Screen weep hole cover

Termite protector

For those seeking protection against the specific threat of termites, the Termite Protector Weep Hole Screen could be worth investigating. Crafted from bifenthrin infused plastic, and recommended as part of a termite management plan, these patented covers are proven to deter termites for up to two years. Designed so they can be partnered with the Protector product, and installed easily using the applicator tool, together they offer the ultimate in retrofit protection.

Wrapping up

Choosing the best weep hole covers for your particular needs will ultimately come down to the type of building you are protecting, the finished look you need and the specific pests that you are dealing with. With these questions answered, you’ll be in the best position to keep your building safe and secure.